A Hands-on Simulation

This Slit Lamp simulation has a story line. You can go along with the story and search for the eye condition. Or, you can just operate the simulation to see how it works.

The Story: The patient is a 32 year old female, returning for a follow-up visit. She complains of discomfort in her right eye. You intend to check for signs of conditions that might contribute to that discomfort. She is wearing daily disposable soft contact lenses. You have instilled fluorescein.

You may want to look for signs of Punctate Staining, Inferior Removal Staining, or Corneal Abrasion. One of these may be built into the simulation. Or the patient may have no observable condition at all.

Computer users: click and drag with your mouse. iPad users: touch and drag with a stylus or with your hand.

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To Examine the patient's eye Click Here.

Simulation Controls

May be disabled on some questions for which they are not needed.

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